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Plastic distribution box

Wenzhou Stormelek Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and specialized in the manufacturing of electric connectors and HV/LV electric accessories. ...
This clamp-type copper terminal with hex head clamping bolts Was suit for connecting copper cable to copper flat pad Combinations. Side formed pads are standard for flush mounting. ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
Name: SM type insulator / insulating connector
Models: SM-25, SM-30, SM-35, SM-40, SM-51, SM-76. We supply high quality insulation connectors.

We can manufacture and export ...
GT Copper cable lug for good quality
1. Material 99.9% pure new Copper
2. CE certified
Manufacturer for copper cable lug


Connecting terminals are suitable for ...
Min. Order: 5,000 Pieces
@ Material: Nylon 66, 94V-2, certificated by UL, the back attached sponge glue imported.
@ Usage: Peel the sponge glue and stick on the wall then, bundle the wire with cable ties. ...
ITEM. NO. D1 mm D2 B1 L1 L2 L3 Cable Range

MGS-12 12 1.25 8.3 6.0 7.9 12.1 53.3 3~6.5
M18× 1.5 16 1.5 10.9 9.6 14.4 14.4 74.4 53~10
M20× 1.5 20 1.5 14.8 14.5 12.8 ...
SM busbar isolator

SM Series Bus-Bar Insulating connectors have good electrical resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance, low shrinkage and water resistance propertied.
GPI connection box

Wenzhou Stormelek Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and specialized in the manufacturing of electric connectors and HV/LV electric accessories. STORMELEK ...
Electrical installation rail type are in accordance with IEC75 standard production, in line with the RoHS standard, with the appearance of the beautiful, high precision, good ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
Double-Sided HAL PCB
Layer count: 2 Materials: FR4
Board Thickness: 1.6mm Surface Technique: HAL
Min. Hole Size: 0.35mm Application Field: Electronic Appliance Board
Features: ...
Min. Order: 10 Square Meters
SC (JGK) Copper Cable Lug
99% pure copper
We specialize in producing high quality copper terminal, cable lugs

SC(JGK) Copper Cable Lug


1) ...
Min. Order: 5,000 Pieces
The Tee connector was made of Aluminum al loy and Copper al loy, and use for connecting aluminum cable to Copper cable, clamping bolts was hex-stops for one-wrench Instal lation. ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
@ Material: Made of PE.
@ Color: White \Grey.
ITEM. NO. L(mm) D(mm) d(mm) SCREW (mm)
EN-06 29.8 6.0 4.9 4× 32
EN-07 29.8 7.0 5.3 5× 32
EN-08 39.2 8.0 5.3 5× ...
DTL siries of copper-aluminium wiring terminals are suitable for transition connecting of the circular aluminium wires, hemicycle-sector aluminium wires, power supply cfables in ...
Min. Order: 5,000 Pieces
Wire specification Model Cable section USA standard
1 SV1-3.2~SVL1-6 0.5-1.5 22-16
2 SV2-3.2~SVL2-6 1.5-2.5 16-14
3 SV3-3.7~SV3-6 2.5-4 14-12
5 SV5-3.7~SV5-8 4-6 12-10
Min. Order: 10,000 Pieces
TYPE: Crimp terminal
Material of insulation: PVC
Quality: Stable
Wire range: 0.5-6
Brand name: KA THDT
Standrds: RoHS TUV
Color: Blue red yellow
Material: Copper
Max ...
Min. Order: 50,000 Pieces
This type insulation piercing connectors are suitable for all types of LV-ABC Conductors as well as connections to service and lighting cable cores.
When tightening the bolts, the ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
@ material: Nylon 66 94V-2 agreed by UL.
@ usage: Put cable in, fix by screw.

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